Love You Too.

I still haven’t decided about a weight loss blog.  Leaning toward writing on a new one but keep asking myself…what am I going to do…keep creating new blogs for every new issue in my life?  I want my friend, BS, who also struggles with her weight to be able to read it and I don’t her to read what is here.  But maybe I shouldn’t let her read my thoughts even on a subject that has brought us so close.  I really, really regret ever giving the girls my old blog’s address…it would be so simple to have continued to write about all aspects of my life and do challenges and everything there.  Another screw up.  Every day I try and every day I fail.  I’m thinking about joining Weight Watchers although for a long time I felt that club wasn’t for me.  If counting calories/points could cure binging I would be thin right now.  Lawd knows I’ve done enough measuring and calculating of food, calories and exercise in my time.  My problem is clearly deeper than that.

Thanks, everyone, for the outpouring of love on the comments.  I love you all too…


2 comments on “Love You Too.

  1. I went to a dietician once and she kept telling me what I should be eating and not eating. She didn’t get that I already knew what I should be eating but I struggled because I didn’t see to be able to do it. I had to stop going to her because I could tell she didn’t get it and just thought I wasn’t trying.

    I joined TOPS a few years ago. I’m the youngest one in the group but I like the ladies and it’s pretty reasonable money wise. I don’t follow their exchange plan but I do enjoy the support part of it (most of the time).

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