New Friend

I have a new friend.  I couldn’t get a decent picture of her for days but finally here she is.

Nora B. Dog:
Nora B. Dog  And she laughs:
She Laughs

My SIL was fostering this pretty gal and the moment I looked into her eyes I knew I had to take her home.  Her family was redoing the house and just suddenly didn’t want 2 dogs.  Grrr…. people should realize what kind of commitment having a pet should be.  I already love her.  She’s very sweet and wants to always be where I am.  She has a bounce in her step and is up for anything.  I’d forgotten what it was like to have a younger dog.

When she went in to be spayed, the vet found a huge “stone”in her bladder.  I’d noticed that she still squatted to pee over and over again within a few minutes but wouldn’t pee.  Today we went in for the follow up and after one and a half hours of waiting, he showed it to me.  Hard as a rock and a little larger than a golf ball, I’d say with rough surfaces.   I can’t imagine what kind of discomfort she had with that thing in her bladder.  The vet says he will double check for infection but that the bladder lining could still be irritated from having that rough mass bouncing around inside.  One more week of antibiotics.

Don’t worry Clara B. is ok.  She still struggles with her back legs everyday but the vet says she probably won’t tolerate a surgery to the other side and being that she had a minor cancer tumor removed a few months ago, we’re just trying to manage her pain and monitor her closely.


Other news:

I heart Phil Phillips and so glad he won American Idol this week.  I usually favor the singers from that show that are a little different.  You know, the girl with the dreads or the hippy who does everything acoustic and they usually don’t win because they are just too different.  Which is exactly what I said about PP when I picked him as a favorite very early on but didn’t think he’d win because his style was a little different.  Hurray, America…you can still chose talent over cookie cutter voices and looks.

I’m so comfortable in the new blog space!  This blog started from such a negative space and I’m struggling to get it back to who I really am.  It was nice to have a fresh start over there.  I’m thinking of moving everything over there and making it my only space.  The only thing is blogger doesn’t offer password protected posts (What’s up with THAT, Blogger?)  and I might have to write about something I wouldn’t want my IRL friends to stumble upon.  But they don’t know I’ve started a new blog and it would be great to have everything in one easy place.                    What do you think?


2 comments on “New Friend

  1. Blogger doesn’t allow password protection but it does allow private blogs. So it’s definitely a personal preference. Nora looks like a complete doll. 🙂 I’m glad you two found each other. I’m also glad that Clara is doing ok. They are so important to us and we would do almost anything in the world for them. It is so frustrating when it’s not really anything we can fight. Love and hugs

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