First Steps

Em went to see Dr. A for evaluation.  She let me know that all the follicles look good and there should be plenty of eggs.    She sent me this pic….so funny.

Em’s Ovary!


I’m still gobsmacked that this is going so smoothly…so far.   Em is being SO wonderful about everything.  In our many emails back and forth she always throws things in there like “Everything’s going to work out this time!”  or “I’ll do anything to get this done!”  I find myself clinging to her feisty confidence like it’s a shooting star.

She let me know that she told her family about what we’re doing and her mom and sis are on board and excited.  Sis even hinted about being godmother.  So good for me to know this, it’s something I was really worried about.

She told me that she thought Dr. A was wonderful and seemed to know exactly who I was and he told her to reassure me that I’m not to think this will be like the last time, everything is totally different now.  He said to her “Yes…Paige…she’s one on my list.”  That kind of made me wonder…does he walk around with an actual list of poor pathetic infertiles who can’t get pregnant?  If he only knew how close I’ve come to quitting.

Anyone think it’s a little strange that I haven’t had a face-to-face or on-the-phone word with Em?  It has all been by text and email…many texts and emails…sometimes simultaneously.   I tried to call once or twice but she didn’t pick up and then texted in response to my message.  I don’t mind but I don’t know….seems like we should have some face time about it…she’s helping me create life after all.

Meanwhile I haven’t had a period since April 3.   Today was day 7 of taking provera.   When will I learn to go straight back on birth control when I have a failed cycle.





4 comments on “First Steps

  1. This is so exciting for you….i’m really hoping this changes things for the positive for you. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed and praying for you.

    And no I don’t think it’s weird about the no face to face thing. I’m sure you’ll eventually get there…but sometimes it’s just easier to text or email. You could always text her that you would like to do lunch or something….I’m so glad she’s excited and her family is on board….This is a wonderful thing…hold on to that shooting star….

  2. Yeah for more steps forward! I am not surprised your doctor has you on his mind…you’ve been through a lot, and if he is passionate about his work, he genuinely cares about bringing you the bit of joy you deserve. (I know full well getting pregnant/delivering living babies does not have a ranking/worthiness…but we silly humans like to categorize.)

    I am also not surprised you haven’t had direct conversations with you cousin, especially if she is in her 20s. Most of my much younger cousins and friends rarely use their phones for talking. Pair that with the mighty emotional and powerful nature of being your egg donor could be rather nerve-wracking even if she is fully on board.

    Either way, it sounds like the news continued to be good and progress is being made….hooray!

  3. I agree with Jessica that I know a lot of young people who almost never actually SPEAK on their phones. So I see nothing weird about nothing face-to-face. Every little step forward is a good thing. It’s wonderful that her mom and sister are supportive. Thinking of you and Em as you move forward. 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful post. I wouldn’t worry too much about the face to face. If she’s young they see that as perfectly normal. And absorb all the feisty confidence that you can. I’m feeling that I’m getting it too and I actually feel more in control.

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