A beautiful, cool respite from the hot 105 with high humidity but NO rain weather we’ve been having this summer.  Frustrating for my family and the situation on our farm is pretty dire.  My dad and brother are strategizing about what to feed the cows this winter as the alfalfa and corn crops are drying up before our very eyes and quite a few of the newborn calves have not survived having been born prematurely.  But today my dad said he felt “revitalized”.  Dad was supposed to be on the local news tonight talking about the toll the heat and drought are taking on livestock but the news crew never showed up.  We figure there were bigger news stories…those poor people in Colorado who just wanted to go see a movie.  In our prayers for sure.

I had lunch at a local wood fire pizza place with some school friends.  I think this is the most I’ve kept in contact with school buddies over the summer.  Usually we all retreat to our respective corners of the world and never see each other until the first day of school.  It was good to catch up on gossip and have a few laughs.

When I picked Dollface up from day camp I was told she’d been “handsy” today.  We never have trouble behavior wise so I was quite surprised.  As it was, C and I had made special arrangements so she could stay late at the daycare to have a snow cone treat she usually misses because she’s picked up so early.   She admitted to me that she’d argued with a girl about some Legos and had hit her.  She didn’t know why…she just “did it”.  Well, the snow cone truck was late and I decided a kid who was “handsy” didn’t need a snow cone so we left as the truck was pulling into the parking lot.  She handled it well but was pretty peeved at me for the rest of the afternoon.


2 comments on “Respite

  1. I’ve hated this weather myself and I am not specifically affected by its effect on the land. I’ve read so much about how it’s affecting crops and feel so bad for all the families who pour all of their energy into their farms and are struggling as they watch it all just wilt. I hope that the weather offers a break soon.

    I’m glad you spent some time connecting with work friends. The disconnect during breaks is actually one of the hardest things for me.

  2. I feel bad that I’ve been complaing about the heat. It’s nowhere near that bad here. I’ll hope for rain for you.

    Dollface is probably just trying out being trouble. She’s probably bored and needs a change. I’m sure she’ll get back to her normal self soon.

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