I’m not sure I’ve had a worse birthday.  I had an eye doctor appointment with the eye doctor I’ve gone to all my life.  He is now very old and should probably be retired.  He asked me 3 times if I was on any medications and didn’t seem to be familiar with or remember eye problems that I’ve had since childhood.  I somehow walked out of there $500 (new driving glasses and new lenses in the old ones) poorer but without reading glasses which is why I made the appointment to begin with.

At noon Mom calls to see if I want to go school supply shopping with Dollface then she calls back 5 minutes later to say that Dollface is asleep and she doesn’t want to wake her up.  Fine.  I spent the rest of the day alone and it was fine.  I got many sweet calls and emails.  So far ok…not great but fine.

Everybody else in my family except Mom and the girls are at the ballgame at a party room Dad got for free.  They asked me but it’s just not my thing so that’s fine.  E asked me to babysit a few days ago.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t realize it was going to be on my birthday.  I thought it would be great to spend my birthday with my nieces so I didn’t mind.  Also, I never turn them down.

Mom calls at about 4 and says how about we go now.  Before we go Dollface gives me a sweet card and 9 dollars from her piggybank.  Stretch gives me slice-and-bake style cookies that have birthday stuff on them, like they have during the holidays but they have birthday designs in the middle.  It’s the nicest thing that happened today.

We round up both girls and we go.  The ride there is fun, we’re joking around and laughing.  When we get to the store it’s crowded and there are a lot of screaming kids.  Mom and Stretch take off, I don’t know where.  They have millions of school supply lists but none for Dollface’s school.  I talk to a clerk who says she’ll have someone run copies and bring them.  It took 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Dollface is going nuts over all the school supplies and has also run into a friend who she won’t leave alone.

Some lady was complaining very loudly about all the supplies her kindergartener needs and that the her son shouldn’t have to put his supplies in with  community supplies for everyone to use and how a 5 year old couldn’t possibly use 48 pencils in a year.  I was starting to lose my patience by now.  I actually speak up and say I teach kindergarten (I used to) and yes we do use that many pencils since we are learning the important foundations of writing and we practice so much.  That they ask for so much now so they don’t have to ask again at semester to replenish everything.  I tell her if she’s concerned about her son sharing supplies she should speak to the teacher and I’m sure the teacher will let him keep his supplies and not share with the class.  She very quickly leaves the school supply department.

My knee starts to hurt and I start to sweat.   All the kids are still screaming.

Finally, the guy comes with the list and we round up the millions of supplies she needs.   Dollface is still really hyped up and while we check out Mom tells me she let her sleep for over 3 hours this afternoon.

We try to decide where to go for dinner.  Really I want to go home now but we end up at a Chinese place.  Stretch starts throwing serious attitude because she only eats 5 things like a toddler and the restaurant has none of these things on the menu.  She refuses to order anything and sits there in silence with no food and giving us mean looks.  The air conditioning in the restaurant is broken and by now I feel like a big sweaty hog.   Mom and I tried to force polite conversation while also trying to ignore Stretch’s huge attitude and trying to control Dollface who wants to run all over the restaurant looking at the fish tanks.  The ride home is nearly silent.

We drop Mom off and of course Judy Attitudy wants to stay there.  Dollface starts SCREAMING because she wants Stretch to come with us.  I grab Dollface by the hand and walk her to the car while she’s screaming.  While I’m doing that Mom has talked Stretch into coming swimming with us but then, she insists, she’s staying at their house by herself and not at my house with Dollface and me.  By the time we get to my house for me to change into a swimsuit I’ve had it.  I go into the house and let them sit in the car for a long time.  I heard Dollface screaming from the front yard and I sternly tell them to come in and think of something to make me feel better on my birthday.  Now, they are sitting in the kitchen trying to think of something to say.   I just want them to apologize.  They’ve been sitting there a long time and it looks like it’s come down to a battle of wills.

I hate being single.  I hate being childless.  I love my nieces but hate when they act this way.

I really could have skipped this birthday.


6 comments on “41

  1. I don’t feel like saying Happy Birthday is appropriate. Next year get a massage and a pedicure and anything else you can do to pamper yourself.

    Oh, I forgot to comment about Em yesterday. I love her. Some of the clinics I’ve looked will recommend lawyers that specialize in adoption and donor eggs/embryos. An adoption lawyer is probably a good place to start.

  2. Yikes. What a day. Despite it being your day to enjoy it sounds like it was stressful. I agree with Evelyn…next year do something for yourself (or, better yet, make tomorrow “take two” birthday and do something then). When I was a kid I had an “unbirthday”. I think it comes from Alice in Wonderland. It’s presence helped to balance out the year when my actual birthday was a flop (as it often was due to tax day).

    I’m so excited about your recent update. OCTOBER!!! Somehow having a timeline on which to focus makes it real….and “possible”.

  3. I’m sorry your birthday wasn’t all that it could/should have been…that stinks! I think you should pick a day to be a do-over (why wait until next year?!?) and plan something special for yourself.

  4. I am so sorry that your family were such screw-ups for your birthday. I am so freakin’ mad for you. It sucks so bad and you deserve lots and lots of wonderful things!!!!!!!! I agree with the other commenters that you need a birthday redo. Maybe it’s time to tell your family that if they can’t act right on your birthday, you don’t need to see them that day.

  5. Ugh. I’m sorry you had such an awful birthday. I hope your nieces finally apoloagized.

    Next year plan your own celebration. And make sure your brother & sister-in-law know so they won’t ask you to babysit. 😉

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