Check, Check, Check

Big fat payment check mailed – check

Embryo transfer calendar received – check

Em received her calendar – check

Old meds inventoried – check

Meds ordered for me after several calls to pharmacy – check

Meds ordered for Em – check

Ultrasound appointments made – check

Em made her ultrasound appointments – check

Acupuncture appointment made – check

Lawyer called after not hearing anything for ages about the contracts – check

Hope and pray it’s not all for nothing – check

Siphon good attitude off of Em – check

Daydreams going wild – check

Hopes kept in check – Hahaha

Begin worrying that I’ll be hurt very badly by a BFN – check

Worry even more that Em and other family members will be hurt – check

Glass of red wine – check, check, check


6 comments on “Check, Check, Check

  1. It sounds like it is all moving along well. 🙂 Sending lots of prayers for the best possible outcome: lots of healthy embryos and then a wonderful healthy take-home baby.

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