Out of the Blue Letter

I got this FB email out of the blue from a girl who was my neighbor and classmate in grade school.  We grew apart in high school as many friends do.  I believe these days she would be considered “goth” back then she was just “weird”.  Anyway, we haven’t seen each other or spoken since graduation or technically before graduation but we’re friends on FB and she’s now living amongst the vortexes in New Mexico and does this sort of thing for a living.  She’s also been diagnosed bipolar.  All that aside, I don’t think she’s lying…why would she take the time to write all this to someone she hasn’t seen in over 20 years and probably never will see again.

Letter from old classmate:

“I’m happy you just wrote that (she’s speaking of my FB status that day “I think this must be my favorite day of the year.” I was speaking of the last day of school before break)  because there is something I have wanted to share with you that came to me a few weeks ago but I have been so slammed with readings and birth chart book orders that it slipped my mind. And just now seeing your post made me want to share what I saw. But this is about your son and I want you to keep an open mind because where I come from this is the norm and people pay me to tell them what I see because I have this gift. Nobody doubts or questions what comes out of me, they just are so appreciative. Anyway. Your son came to me and wanted me to talk to you. He came as like a 5 year old because he liked that age because he can go with you everywhere and be your buddy. He said he is your little buddy. He wanted me to tell you that he is ALWAYS by your side, and he goes with you everywhere you go, he is your buddy. He kept using that word. I saw it too. He likes to be right by your legs, very close to you like a mommas shy boy. He said its makes him sad that you are so sad because he IS there. He loves you so much and doesn’t want you to be sad. He wanted me to tell you that you need to just pretend in your mind that he is there, because he is anyway, but it would make him feel better. This is true Paige. He is there and I want you to take that into your heart and know it is the truth. I want you to just play with that and acknowledge him in the back seat, talk to him, tell him what is going on, tell him how much you love him and don’t be sad for one moment longer. He will always be there for you. Even now, close your eyes and just imagine this and smile because he sees you and he is your buddy and your buddy wants to see you smiling and happy! Also every day just sit in meditation and send him love. Send him energy letting him know it is okay, and that you are okay. He just wants to see you laughing more and smiling more and not so sad. That’s why I loved your post because it reminded me that I was to give you a message.”

It made me feel warm and good to read it.  If you’ve been reading awhile you know the special connection Sweet Pea and I have with the number 5 so I wasn’t surprised he is 5.  I’ve come a long way on “not feeling sad” if I knew how to not miss him I would.    Also, she said she got this message “a few weeks ago” so that could be around the time of the anniversary of his death on the 5th so I probably was more sad during that time although it wasn’t as difficult as last year.   I wish if he were “coming” to people he would somehow “come” to me.


2 comments on “Out of the Blue Letter

  1. Paige, i absolutely love this, it made me cry. I’ve had several miscarriages (not the same as your loss) but I still talk to those children. I know this makes me sound crazy. I’m not one to believe in psychics but if someone willing you gave this information, I’d believe it. Merry Christmas.

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