Christmas 2012

I was just briefly looking back at December 2011 posts.  In this month last year I:   found out my potential egg donor had syphilis and had to postpone the cycle, went to a memorial service where they left my son’s name off the program and got a mean letter from a pregnant friend.  In the middle of the month, I wrote that it was going to be sucky holiday season and I’d do better just accepting it rather than trying to change it.

Thankfully, it’s not like that this year.  I really feel I’ve experienced everything that Christmas is to me.  I got choked up at our Holiday program at school…I defy you to hear 400 African American children singing and not feel moved.  I went shopping with my dad to get a gift for my mother.  We’ve done this every year since I was one.   My nieces helped me decorate my tree a few weeks ago and were here today to bake cookies.  I helped my younger niece make ornaments to give to everyone.  I wrapped gifts while listening to Christmas music.   I watched my very favorite movie “The Sound of Music” which is on annually at this time of year.  And tonight for the first time in many years, Dad and I went to Christmas Eve candle light service to celebrate the birth of My King.

Things are far from perfect, there is no Norman Rockwell painting here, but I’ve returned to the belief that it really is a season full of Love and Light.

Merry Christmas, Friends.

3 comments on “Christmas 2012

  1. I love the tradition of going shopping with your Dad. “The Sound of Music” is one of my fav movies too….I watch it every year during the holidays, but somehow seem to have missed it on TV this year. Merry Christmas.

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