Bullet Report

Things seem to be happening pretty fast.

  • They are in the process of retrieving my 5 embryos from the other clinic.
  • Yesterday, Dr. C’s nurse called to tell me that the retest for that autoimmune issue that was borderline before and that I’ve been agonizing over and running around looking for a doctor to treat is now negative.  I’m relieved but at the same time wondering just how “borderline” this was and how fast it can change.
  • On Friday I’m having the procedure to check out those “white dots” that were on one corner of my uterus in the latest the ultrasound.
  • Dr. C. will also do the “scratch biopsy” during the same procedure on Friday.
  • The drugs I will need for the upcoming cycle have already arrived.  This is by far the smallest amount of drugs I’ve ever been on for an embryo transfer and that alone is enough to make my brain go apeshit wondering if my lining will respond properly as it always has or if I was just completely over drugged at the other place.
  • There will be no “trigger shot” with this cycle…I’ve had a trigger shot at every other cycle I’ve done, fresh or frozen.   Is this ok?  I’m trying not to agonize over stuff like this but just let this cycle fall as it may.  I trust Dr. C and I don’t really think the outcome will be different no matter what but you know what it’s like when the brain just won’t quit.
  • THE cycle will start with my next period.  If things go smoothly (haha) I expect the transfer will be around April 26.

6 comments on “Bullet Report

  1. Different clinics do different things and people get pregnant both ways. I think that’s why people move to different clinics and try something new.

    I’m glad things are moving along.

  2. Hoping the procedure went well today!
    I’m sure it must be at least a little nerve racking doing things differently than you had before, and just having to trust.

  3. The clinic I’m going to for my DE cycle doesn’t have any recipients do a trigger, and they have one of the highest success rates in the country, if that makes you feel any better. It sounds like you have a solid plan – saying a few prayers that all goes well and you have a long, boring, healthy 9 months of pregnancy ahead.

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