Post Procedure/Pre Transfer

The hysterscopy/polypectomy/scratch biopsy procedure went smoothly and the only unexpected thing was they put me under the heavier anesthesia rather than “twilight”.  That was a new experience for me as I’ve never had a “real” surgery.  I’m still unclear as to why they used the more serious anesthesia and also why the procedure took 2 hours.  I do know the doctor was still in her street clothes with her purse on her shoulder talking when they wheeled me away.  I hope I wasn’t under that long because of waiting for her.

Recovery was pretty easy.  No pain but some uncomfortable cramps and my throat hurt from the breathing tube.  I did feel kind of draggy for a couple days.  The doc said she removed two small polyps and my case was very straightforward so I could skip the two week follow up appointment since the lining check would be the week after the two week mark.   The cells they sent to the lab from the “scratch test” showed a completely normal endometrial lining.

There was a bunch of weird heavy then slow then heavy again bleeding for a week which lead into my period.  I was scheduled to start Estrace on the first day of my period and I felt kind of dumb when I realized I couldn’t really tell if that big splat five days after surgery was just more weird bleeding from the procedure or actually my period.  So I started Estrace that day…but continued to worry when again the bleeding almost stopped …but then picked up again.   Ahh the fickleness of my uterus.

I’ve been on Estrace about a week and I have to say I think the symptoms are worse than injectable estrogen but who knows…maybe I’ve forgotten what it was really like.  I just feel like a veil of crabby tiredness has been drawn over me.  I don’t really want to be around people and I’ve been sharp with a student or two who really didn’t deserve it.  I’ve cried a little more often about nothing.  Also, taking a pill three times a day is more difficult to remember than doing a shot two times a week.  Two more weeks until the transfer if everything goes smoothly (haha).

I’m wondering about blood thinners.  I know my autoimmune tests (and everything else) are now considered “normal” but would it be any harm to take a blood thinner anyway.   I asked about both heparin and baby aspirin and was told “we don’t do that in our cycles”.   I wonder if I should just start taking baby aspirin on my own…could it harm anything?    Unsure what to do.


6 comments on “Post Procedure/Pre Transfer

  1. Many good wishes coming your way for a smooth cycle and transfer. Not to mention a positive test with take home baby. As far as the aspirin I took it when I cycled. My RE did use it and my thoughts would be can’t hurt, might help.

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