So it’s the 7th day since my frozen embryo transfer and I believe the embryos were 6 days old.  There’s been the usual Crazy Train Brain stuff going and I’m worn out with it but no physical symptoms except the ones I’ve had before from the progesterone (tons of burping and farting and sore boobs). 

Today to add to the pleasure of CTB I had some minor spotting.  Very small amount, like if I wasn’t analyzing my panties every time I probably wouldn’t have noticed it.  I called my nurse because they specifically mentioned implantation spotting and that I should make them aware if anything like that happened.  She said it could be:

A.  implantation spotting – it seems too late for this to me.

B.  early pregnancy bleeding – it seems a bit too early for this to me

C.  my period trying to start in spite of the oral/injectable hormones –  seems about right 😦

I’m very worried and glum.  


6 comments on “Glum

  1. oh honey…I’m so sorry….I hope it’s good things….and if it’s that minor, I’m really hoping it’s something good….sending hugs and good thoughts….holding on to hope for you

  2. You just never know, Paige…I’ve been around these IF blogs for a longgggg time and anything is possible. Easier said than done, but try not to overthink it. Visualize the best possible scenario happening inside you. I am keeping you in my thoughts, my friend.

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