It Came In A Two-Pack

I’m so sorry but I have to post this…I’m still completely gobsmacked and so happy but so scared too.

I know it could all be over very fast but I’m trying very hard to hold those thoughts at bay.

You’ve all been so kind with your comments…I can feel your excitement for me. Please don’t feel like you have to comment again, I’m just posting this for myself really.

C’mon beta…



13 comments on “It Came In A Two-Pack

  1. Have to comment? Lol!!! I think all will agree we WANT to comment. That is a good clear strong 2nd line!! Sending good thoughts your way

  2. but I have to comment again….If you’re like me you’ll search the box and find a coupon and go buy a 3 pack this time….and use them all…and then there’s a coupon in that box too…..Yeah, even after 15 tests, I was still skeptical. That is a beautiful line, gorgeous…I’m seriously crying with joy for you. I hope and pray every SINGLE DAY for a happy healthy full term pregnancy with a beautiful baby crying and cooing in your arms. ❤ this and ❤ you….Congrats…Can't wait to follow along on this story….so thrilled and happy for you!

  3. How can we not comment? We are cheering for you and celebrating for you. This is one of the first things to have truly made me happy in quite a while. Love you and that little bit of life within you.

    • That is a beautiful strong second line! Even darker than the first test!! Can’t wait to hear your beta results!!!

  4. Why are you sorry to post it. I’d probably be showing people on the streets.

    I know it’s probably a silly thing to say, but try to enjoy every minute if you can.

    When is the beta?

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