Beta – Gulp

952— Sorry, Nell.


27 comments on “Beta – Gulp

    • What a great number!!! I am thinking maybe 2 babies! Grow baby(ies) grow! When is the next beta or ultrasound? How many did you transfer? So happy for you!

  1. I don’t know enough to know if that’s good but from everyone else’s commenfs, it sounds very good yay!!! I’m still so excited for you.

  2. Paige, your beta results had me thinking and I am convinced that the 952 is a special number. 9 for the months of pregnancy, 5 for the connection to your dear Sweet Pea and for him watching over his sibling(s) and 2 for the number of babies your are carrying. I am so happy for you and wish you a happy, healthy, wonderful pregnancy!!

  3. Let me try this again….

    Yay! Awesome beta. As Jen said, two is doable and especially with family support. 🙂 as you know, I am local so drop me a line if anything I can do!

    I looked it back up – with the twins, 10dp5dt 442 and 12dp5dt 1,178

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