Protocol and Telling

A couple people requested my protocol so here it is.  I don’t know if there’s a fancy name for it but here are the steps Dr. C and I took:

1.  In January, Dr. C. put me on thyroid medication.  While my thyroid has always tested normal, I guess research has shown that driving the thyroid down a little lower improves success rates.   Normal range is 1-5 and I always tested around a 4.  Now, after being on this medication, I test between 1 and 2.   I was also able to lose 30 pounds before the transfer as a result of being on this medication.

2.  During the cycle previous to the one for the transfer, I had a “scratch biopsy”.   This is where the doctor mildly abrades or “scratches” the lining of the uterus.  Supposedly, this makes the lining more receptive to the embryos.

3.  After I got my period, I stopped BCP and started oral estrace three times per day.

4.  After being on estrace for 2 weeks, my lining was too thin and an estrogen patch which I changed every other day was added.

5.  5 days prior to transfer, I started 2ml of injectable progesterone once a day.  I also took one azithromax tablet on this day and started a five day course of prednisone.

6.  A few days before transfer, I started taking one baby aspirin a day but I want to be clear this was not on the doctor’s protocol but something I choose to do myself.  I’ve wondered if it contributed to the bleeding episode I had.

7.  The lab used assisted hatching.  I guess at the previous clinic this was not done on frozen transfers only on fresh ones.  This is one thing I wish I’d checked on in the past.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or email me.


Who I’ve told so far:

I’ve told my immediate family everything.  I think they are as completely stunned as I am.  My normally stoic father actually showed an emotion, I believe it was surprise and happiness.  I’m only worried that my mother is getting to carried away with the “happy ending” and not letting herself be aware of the reality of the many risks to getting there.

After my bleeding episode on Monday, I went to school and tried be distracted enough to hold it together but my roommate walked in on me crying so I told her I’d had a pregnancy loss.  She was so sympathetic and sweet.  I felt I had to let her know that things were ok after I found out it wasn’t a loss after all.  I hadn’t planned to tell anyone at school until we returned in the fall when I would be about 16 weeks along but I couldn’t let her go all summer thinking I’d had a loss when I hadn’t.   When I told her about the supposed  loss, I didn’t say it was a secret.  In fact, I kind of wanted some people to know that if I was glum or crabby there was a reason so I don’t know who she told.  She says no one but I’m unsure.   I did not tell her it was multiples.

On Wednesday, I told my two closest friends everything.   I would say they are the remains of the yayas since as a group we’ve drifted apart over the past couple years.  They were excited and supportive.  I kind of felt sorry for the people sitting near us because there was a lot of screaming and giggling.  They were also concerned for the risks and sensitive to the total fear I’m feeling.   They will be supportive if I have to go through selective reduction and I can see I will need that.  It felt so good to be able to be happy and scared with these two friends and to give voice to my million mile an hour mind.

Thursday I had a nice surprise.  I have one friend at school (not my roommate) who has suffered many early losses and gone through many doctors and treatments.   Although our journeys have been very different and we don’t speak of it often, we occasionally have deep and meaningful “support sessions”.  She came into my room under the pretext of updating me about one of her students whom I give reading support to and lo and behold she pulls a 14 week ultrasound out of the file.   I couldn’t help screaming “I have one too!!”  meaning I have an ultrasound pic too.  She has not made it past 10 weeks before so I am overjoyed for her.  It sounds as though the doctors have finally figured out what the problem was and I’m sure she will have smooth sailing now (I wish I was as sure about my pregnancy).   I didn’t tell her about the multiples either but there was lots of hugging and we had a long talk about the anxiety and insanity of being pregnant after a loss.   It seems too good to be true that after both our previous losses and troubles that we are pregnant together.  I have to say, I am totally and completely so happy for her but I wish I was 14 weeks along too.

Thank you to whoever posted me to the triplet mother pages.  I’ve gotten so much lovely support.  More on my thoughts about all your comments later.


9 comments on “Protocol and Telling

  1. Sounds like a fabulous protocol, especially since, you know, it worked 🙂

    As for telling, I think you’ve played this very smartly. Keeping it close to the vest. And telling the roommate who thought about the loss was, in my opinion the right thing. If you came back next year and are 16 weeks pregnant she might wonder. And what wonderful news about your friend! Praying you get to 14 weeks soon enough….Good luck and keeping you and your little ones in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m glad you’re finding people ready to be supportive. I’m also glad you and your friend are pregnant at the same time.

    I find it interesting about the thyroid medication. You are the third person in a month that I’ve heard mention the relationship with thyroid and infertility.

  3. Thank you So much for posting this protocol. It’s great to hear that you are enjoying being pregnant.

  4. Hi. I’m another triplet mom sent who was sent your way. I read most of the comments on your last post so I know you have heard a lot of this before but wanted to highlight a couple of things for you. First congrats on your pregnancy. I know it is scary to hear triplets, but it is also an awesome feeling to be pregnant after dealing with infertility. I see you wonder if the baby aspirin could have contributed to the bleeding, but I doubt it. That was actually a part of my IVF protocol. Early bleeding is super common with triplets for a variety of reasons.

    I really just wanted to encourage you to feel free to ignore the selective reduction talk if you don’t truly want to do that. Most of us had some form of that talk. Statistically it has been shown that reducing does not help the overall outcome of a pregnancy because your body will continue to act like it was pregnant with triplets. Your age doesn’t have to be a big factor either. I know a lot of older triplet moms and was 38 when my kids were born. As for being a bit overweight, that is actually a plus. It takes a lot of calories to grow triplets. Many of us who came in to the pregnancy with extra body fat found that our babies took what they needed from our body along with the food we ate. I would encourage you to ask for a cerclage with this pregnancy no matter what your decision about reduction. Cerclages have saved the pregnancies of a great many women with cervical issues. I really encourage you to find the best MFM or peri in your area who has experience with triplets and will commit to being aggressive with getting you as far as possible. Bedrest is very common and most people are off work by 20 weeks or so even with the most uncomplicated triplet pregnancy. Finally, I really hope you do find us at the Facebook page mentioned in other posts. We would be very happy to be your cheering section for the next few months.

  5. One more quick comment. There is a triplet mom who has blogged exentively about selective reduction and the real facts and statistics that some (certainly not all) of the medical community fails to tell newly pregnant moms. Besides what your new MFM or peri tells you, I think you should read this to get the other side of the story. Whatever you decide is a personal decision, but one that should be made with all the facts.

  6. I have to reply again to your blog. I originally read your last post on a mobile device so I didn’t get to read about you. I am also a single mother by choice and have triplets. I won’t lie it is hard, but it is the most amazing journey ever! Know you can do this! My triplets are 3 years old now and wonderful! Please if you want contact me. I know the fear. I never got the selective reduction speech and I don’t know what type of triplets you are carrying but I did it. I delivered at 30+5 and my kids are amazing. It is neat to find another mother like me, because I don’t really know anyone else like me. I pray for you and your babies and again contact me if you wish.

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