8 Week Update

We are all doing great!  Spark A is measuring right on target, Spark B is measuring 2 days ahead and Spark C is measuring 3 days behind.  Dr. C reassured me that they were all growing well and not to worry about the discrepancy.  They are looking sort of like baby birds on the ultrasound now instead of just circles and dots.   Nothing makes me smile more.

I’ve gotten over the fear that I won’t be able to handle three children once they have gotten here.  I know it would be difficult and I will have to lean on a lot of people after talking to my family I think it would somehow be ok.  It might not look pretty but it will be ok.  Now if I can just get over the sickening feeling that I won’t be able to get them here safe. 

We’ve graduated from Dr. C.  It’s a big milestone to be out here in OBLand.  It felt bittersweet to hug her and her amazing nurse goodbye for the last time.  No matter what happens they have changed my life forever.  I reminded Dr. C to email me when she’s done writing that article about us. 😉

The next step is to choose a high risk OB.  I have an appointment with one on Friday and the other on the 24th.  

Oh and our due date is January 19…not that it means anything in the wild territory of multiple pregnancy…anything goes out here.


12 comments on “8 Week Update

  1. I’m so glad things are going well. And I’m even happier about your family helping you when it comes to raising all three Sparks! What an amazing experience so far. Thinking of you and those little babes and keeping you all in my prayers! 😀

  2. Considering the grace you’ve shown dealing with what you’ve already dealt with, you will find the grace (and creativity) to deal with 3 kids at once. The past has made you stronger than you know you are.

  3. So awesome to hear all is well. You are one of the strongest women I’ve ever “met” (virtually or otherwise) so I know you will parent 3 kids phenomenally!!! Keeping the 4 of you in my thoughts & prayers

  4. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. It’s great that your family is going to help. Anyone with triplets is going to need all the help she can get! I’m praying everyone stays put & healthy. 🙂

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