11 Week Update

Sorry to worry you…I was waiting for the doctor’s appointment today to post.  It’s all good news!

Both Sparks have strong heartbeats and are measuring a couple days ahead of schedule.  Whew!  I’ve been waiting anxiously to see them again.  Spark B was doing a back flip and I’m already wondering if he’s going to be the spitfire.  They are looking like the cutest baby birds you’ve ever seen.

I am off all IVF medication!  This is a big milestone which I’ve been so looking forward to.  No more shooting myself up with hormones and maybe the bruises on my thighs will heal.

I am scheduled for a cerclage on July 15 to stitch my cervix shut.  I talked it over extensively with the doctor today.  It seems that because they don’t know for certain what caused my Sweet Pea to come early, they don’t really know if I really do need it or not or if it will really help or not.  He said they are “comfortable” with me having it.  There are risks though and although I will probably go ahead with it, I’m nervous about it.

I’m starting to be able to tell a few people and I’m really enjoying that.  Dollface asked if I could go swimming even though I’m “prenant”.   She kept asking if my “stomach was ok” as we splashed around in the pool.  I asked her if she would be my babysitter and told her she’d be 9 when the babies came.  She exclaimed, “How many years are you going to have them in there??”    Some of the sweetest moments so far.

It might just be possible that I will enjoy some of this pregnancy yet.


13 comments on “11 Week Update

  1. Sending a lot of love to your little Sparks! Hooray for being off meds – and hooray for a cerclage – I hope it helps give you some much needed peace of mind.

    Love your niece!

  2. I’m so glad to hear some good news from you! I’ll keep praying everything goes smoothly for the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. Oh I’m so relieved to read this. So happy they little Sparks are doing well, and even measuring ahead!!! I think your plan for cerclage is a good one and I hope it helps ease your anxiety a little! Can’t wait to hear the next update!! Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. So glad you posted. Yea for the Sparks! Such great news!

    I think the cerclage is a good idea, too, especially with more than one in there. For what it’s worth, I delivered at 28 weeks with my twins due to IC after a rescue cerclage. The next pregnancy, I had a preventative cerclage and delivered a 10 pound baby at 38.5 weeks. Never even had bed rest with my second pregnancy. The preventative cerclage can work!

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