13 Week Update

I had the cerclage put in on Monday.  My two good friends, MC and MB, took me in the safety and comfort of MB’s van “Big Red”  and even though I was scared they kept it light for me.  They were SO thrilled to see the babies on ultrasound before the procedure.  I told all the doctors and nurses they were playing the part of “daddy #1 and daddy #2” today.  Another friend, SC, happened to be nearby at an appointment and she stopped by too.  I really treasured their excitement and we actually had a pleasant time catching up with each other.

The procedure itself went well.  I must say it is awfully strange having the bottom half of your body “dead” to the world.  At one point, some nurse came in and said, “Her knees can’t stay like that!”  I chuckled because I had thought my legs were still straight out.  Thanks for watching out for me, Nurse. 

The procedure itself took no time at all and when I got back to my room, my friends and I joked about my wooden legs.  Everyone there was happy about how the procedure went.  One doctor told me there were a lot of emergencies on the floor during this shift and I was the bright spot in the day for him.  

The labor and delivery department where I had the procedure and where I will probably deliver is on the FIFTH floor at this hosptial and as you might remember that is a special number for Greyson and me.  I felt he was with me strongly the whole time.  In fact, we arrived home at 5:55 and we even saw a rainbow on the way.  I felt so good when I got home….like every little thing was going to turn out bright.

I went to bed that night and woke up an hour later feeling something oozing on my leg.  When I went to the bathroom to check there was a BIG gush of blood through pantyliner and all clothing, more blood in the toilet when I peed.  I immediately called the high risk OB at the Big CIty Hospital.  She was very concerned and told me to get to the Local Hospital right away.  When I got there, there was really nothing they could do.  They couldn’t find the heartbeats of either baby with the dopplar machine because I’m so fat.  Even though I know it’s because of the fat, I started panicking like crazy.  She did think she heard “blood sounds” of the placenta and thought she felt movement when she pressed hard on my abdomen.  There was “no one there to give an ultrasound”.  Don’t get that one but it was the middle of the night at a dinky hospital.   I almost told her to roll the machine in there and I would do it myself.  The nurse gave me a very painful pelvic exam and said everything looked ok.  She spoke with the docs at Big City Hospital and also with my regular local OB who I haven’t seen because the high risk docs thought I should bypass him.  Big City Doc seemed to think I should get an ambulance and Local Doc thought it was ok to drive.  Sometime in there I had called my sister in law, C,  and she had arrived.  The nurse said that if Big City ordered an ambulance it would take a long time to send the orders back and forth and for it to arrive and it would be way quicker to just drive down there so we drove.  

When we got there everyone under the sun congregated in my room.  At one point, I had two nurses working on getting an IV started, one taking my blood pressure, one asking me all those questions they ask you when you check into a hospital and three doctors in the corner talking about giving me a pelvic exam.  After the nurses backed off,  I had another painful pelvic exam with about 6 people looking at it and 4 spotlights on it.  They said the bleeding had slowed and the cervix was closed and the stitch they had just had put in yesterday looked unstrained and just as it should.   FINALLY, they show me the babies on the ultrasound and they looked good even to me.  Moving around and good heartrates.    I was certain I had lost the pregnancy this time so I was very shocked and relieved.   I broke down crying for the first time.

I spent the rest of the night lying still and staring at the wall.  C stuck with me like a champ and the next morning the bigwig doctor came and said they knew for sure the bleeding came from outside the uterus, not inside.  They weren’t for sure what caused it but they thought that in sewing the stitches they had nicked a blood vessel or come close enough to one to weaken it and my body movements in sleep or right before had caused the vessel to rupture.  They said there was no damage at all to the Sparks and they looked extremely healthy.

They made me hang around for a few hours to keep an eye on the bleeding and when I was able to walk around a little with minimal bleeding they sent me home.  The doctor came in right before I went home to show me the babies one more time.  She used an ancient ultrasound because all the newer ones were being used for emergencies.  This thing looked like it took floppy discs but I didn’t care because I wasn’t having an emergency now and they could have showed me on something with Betamax as long as they were moving and looked good.  Which they did….they cracked us up because it appeared that Spark A kept kicking Spark B in the head.   The doctor, who is pregnant herself, told me to take it easy, watch some movies and eat some ice cream.  I’ve been waiting my whole life for advice like that from a doctor.

When I got home, Mom was there to make me eat and rest.  I really felt they were tag teaming to keep a watchful eye on us.  I’m lucky to have so many care takers.

So it’s been a harrowing and frightening time.  I’m not sure I will survive bringing these children into the world if these scary incidents keep happening.   The doctor said there was absolutely no reason to think anything else would happen so I’m holding on to that with both hands.  I want to recover some of the relaxed joy I was just beginning to feel before this happened.

In other news, I finally told Em.  I stopped by her home early Monday before the procedure thinking she would have left for work already.  I was going to leave two Prego jars on her doorstep.  One decorated to say, “Guess who’s preggo?” and the other said, “with twins”.  They were pretty cute.  But she was there so I rudely knocked on her door and she answered looking so sweet and young in her jammies with hair tousled.  Anyway, she was absolutely speechless which is very unusual for Em.  I’m very happy I was able to tell her in person.  She texted me several times that day asking questions and telling me everyone in her family was thrilled. 


12 comments on “13 Week Update

  1. OH honey…how awfully scary for you! I had horrible bleeding between 12-15 weeks of my first pregnancy and was so sure I was going to lose it. Mine was considered a threatened miscarriage. I’m so grateful the docs say the bleeding is from outside the ute….I’ve been keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and will definitely be saying special prayers for you….Sending you love and gentle hugs…put your feet up, rest, and for heaven’s sake eat that ice cream!!! I’m so happy to hear the Sparks are doing well 🙂

  2. I can only imagine how scared you must have been, what an ordeal! I’m so glad that you and the sparks are doing better now and I hope you can continue to keep your feet up for a while.
    Keeping you three in my thoughts.

  3. I was crying as I read this post thinking about what you had to go through, but very pleased to hear the news is now good. Enjoy your ice cream!

  4. Ice cream and rest…best Rx ever! Especially after a scare like that. I am so glad that’s as strong as a recommendation you can have…because a stiff drink is very much not allowed thank goodness. Keep that bright glow going little Sparks!

  5. Oh Paige!! I am so glad you & your Sparks are okay!! What a frightening ordeal!!! Sending peaceful thoughts to you to regain your relaxing joyful feeling.

  6. When you are ready to “announce on Facebook” let me congratulate you and make people wonder before making the big reveal. 🙂 I’m glad the Sparks and their mother are doing so well.

  7. How scary!! I am so sorry you had to go through that but I am so happy the Sparks are kicking each other in the head!

    Here’s to a relaxing, joyful rest of your pregnancy!

  8. Oh, Paige! How scary! Glad everything’s okay. Loved how you told Em. So sweet! Chuckled over Spark A kicking Spark B. With a friends ivf twins, A spent most of the pregnancy sitting on B’s head. A is still the dominant of the twins.

  9. You just scared the crap out of me!!! Of course, it was much worse – and took longer to get to the answer for you… but still, my heart dropped when I read about not hearing the heartbeats on the doppler. So glad the Sparks are doing well. Will continue to send up extra prayers that you have a healthy, full-term pregnancy!!

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