16 Week Update

Things are wonderful here.  Anxiety is very low and I’m really enjoying being pregnant with TWINS this week.  We went to the doctor yesterday and had a stellar visit.  I passed my first one hour glucose test…way to go Pancreas!   The doctor was pleased with everything she saw and I was pleased to see those little Sparks swimming around on that little screen.  I love them!   I was able to make out the profile of Spark A this time but Spark B was face down but boy does he have a good looking spine!  I couldn’t make this out but the doctor said that Spark A was still kicking Spark B in the head.  I’m thinking there will be retribution somewhere down the line, so watch out, Spark A.   We have to go back in 2 weeks.  Funny thing, when I was making the next appointment, the receptionist told me which doc it would be with, then she stage whispered, “He’s not married.”  Made me laugh.  Dating a doc right now would be extremely efficient although I would drive him crazy with many many obsessive questions and worries.  Thanks for looking out for me, Receptionist.

I felt so good about the appointment that I treated the Sparks to their first toy:Babys' First Toys

Guess it’s not hard to figure out what gender I think the Sparks are.

I’ve been working with a program this summer which gives a free sack lunch to kids who normally get free lunch during the school year.  Every week I would work with different people but some showed up more than once.  I worked with a dear woman just a few times and today she came on my last day with a gift for the Sparks.  This just made me smile and smile.  I believe it is their first gift:
First Gift

In other news, school starts next week and although I’m a little worried about the full steam ahead schedule, I’m ready for a more regular routine.  Stretch is starting her sophomore year and has her driver’s permit.  So far when I’ve driven with her she’s driven like a 90 year old so I’m not too worried about that.  I think she’s pretty excited about the twins coming.  Today she asked me about morning sickness and if she could help with a shower.

I’ve begun to clean out the back room and have friends on stand by to paint it when I’m ready.  Have I mentioned my home is teeny tiny?   I will be moving to the little bedroom and giving them the “big” one or should I say bigger one.  I think it’s going to be a very busy fall.

I almost forgot to mention that I turned 42 on Saturday.  42!!  We celebrated by going to our local ice cream stand.  I think “42 and Pregnant with Twins!” would be a great name for a reality show.  Although right now there would be little to film except me “resting my eyes” in the afternoons.


9 comments on “16 Week Update

  1. Woohoo! Happy to hear great news. Let me know how I can help! Was great catching up and glad to see the worrying is in check – biggest regret for me was not enjoying things and just living in fear.

  2. SO happy to hear good news! And that you’re content with your pregnancy…that is the most wonderful news of all 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday! Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you are starting to truly enjoy this pregnancy. I am looking forward to finding out if you are right about the genders.

  4. I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am for you.
    Since Luca was born I have not had the time or much of a desire to follow blogs the way I used to (He turned two yesterday, by the way).Your blog is the only one that I have followed. For many reasons I have felt a connection with you for several years, and I have often wished that you and I lived closer to each other because I would love to share this experience with you, that I feel is unique in so many ways, because of our age, our weight, using donor eggs, carrying twins, and loss. And joy! Oh joy!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see you become a mother. I think you will be such a good one. I am so glad you have your family close by to help. All my blessings, and I am waiting to hear about every detail that you wish to share. I am always open to furthur contact if you wish to email me.

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