18 Week Update


Still feeling groovy.  I’ve stopped spotting!….you wouldn’t believe how excited I am about that.  At our check up on Monday, everything looked good.  I guess Spark B got tired of being kicked because he was upside down and kicking back.

I thought I was supposed to start progesterone shots to help prevent loss but she informed me that it had been decided that since I’d already had a cerclage it would be “double treatment” to have the shots too.  I was surprised by this since I had thought the shots and the cerclage treated two different types of loss and since no doctor has ever been able to tell me for sure the cause of my son’s death it seemed prudent to me to have both.  She said they were watching me closely and truly doing everything they could and the best thing was to watch for symptoms such as bleeding, cramping etc.   She stood firm even though I pointed out that when my baby died there hadn’t been any symptoms at all…and even though I cried a little she still wouldn’t agree to it.

I’ve got a new “hybrid” wood living room floor meaning there is a thicker slab of real wood on the top.  It’s the first in a domino effect of nesting projects.  Now I can get the little bedroom painted, the big bedroom’s carpet steam cleaned and furniture moved all around.  Believe me this is challenging stuff for a girl who cannot lift over 10 pounds and who isn’t fond of asking for help.  It’s crazy the nesting going on over here.  I have these words “never” stuck in my head.  “I’ll never be able to treat myself to chi chi skin care products again” so I treated myself for my birthday.  Or I’ll never be able to afford new pillows again” so I went out and bought some.  Truth is I’ve also been checking out the prices of baby supplies and daycare….I know my pay will some how stretch and it will somehow work out but I’m not sure how.

On to the anatomy scan in two weeks!  I don’t know if I’ll be ready to learn the gender by then but for the record, I have believed from the beginning that Spark A is a girl and Spark B is a boy.


5 comments on “18 Week Update

  1. WP keeps eating my comments!! So excited to hear the spotting has stopped. What a relief! I can’t believe you’re 2 weeks from the anatomy scan! Time seems to be flying by! Let the nesting marathon begin. I wish I was closer so I could help! Good luck getting everything in order!

  2. I think boy and girl too.

    I’d love to come help but it wouldn’t work for 2 reasons. One, I’m out of vacation. Two, I’m not good at figuring things out on my own and if you’re not good at asking I doubt we’d be that productive.

  3. Wish I were closer so I could come help you move furniture. I’m sorry the doc didn’t want to do the progesterone shots. I remember how it felt, wanting to do every possible thing to make sure things turned out great.

  4. I’ve been thinking of you so much lately & your 2 precious sparks. I wish I too were close enough to come help you with moving & stuff. & so glad for you that the spotting has stopped

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