20 Week Update

I am now one week more pregnant than I’ve ever been before.

The good news is that both BOYS are doing great!  Everything is measuring a-ok and they are exactly the same size, 13 oz.   Placenta, sacs, fluid and cords all look good.   Seeing them move around just made me laugh and one even yawned while we were watching.

The  not so good  news is that my cervix is already shortening.   The numbers are confusing to me so I’ll just tell you that the doctor basically said it’s not the greatest situation in the world but it’s not the worst either.  He didn’t recommend modifying my activity or changing anything else.  He did say it seemed like the cerclage was doing it’s job and he seemed hopeful that I could keep them inside at least until viability.   I’m going back in two weeks for monitoring.

Just when I’d decided to release fear, worry and anxiety from my life and let myself get carried away with joy and happiness….

So, if you’re able, please keep those prayers coming…we need these guys to incubate every day that’s possible.


19 comments on “20 Week Update

  1. Yay for two boys! Hang in there with the cervical shortening – I truly understand your fear/concern. Somehow my cerclage kept my twins in way longer than anyone imagined and now they are days away from turning 1!

  2. Yay! Two precious little guys! Take care of yourself. Rest often. Stay off your feet as much as possible. Check with the doctors if you have any concerns at all. Beyond that, just try to enjoy each and every step of the way, Much love to all three of you!

  3. Paige,

    Adding you to our prayer list… Do no more activity then you are comfortable with. Did he at least write you out of work? We want you to get these babies to 28 weeks or more… Better for you and them. Follow your gut on activity levels…

  4. Yeah for 20 weeks! & yeah for your 2 boys & that they’re doing so well!!

    Sending out daily prayers for a good long uterus stay for those boys & that the cerclage keeps doing its job!!

    As another commenter said, do as little activity as possible & really take it easy

  5. Saying lots of prayers for you and your two little boys! It’s encouraging that the doctor thought the cerclage looked like it was doing its job, and that you don’t need to be on bedrest. Specifically praying for healthy babies and weeks and weeks and weeks more of pregnancy!

  6. Congrats on two wonderful boys!!! Boo on the cervix issue, but the cerclage is in there and holding strong for now! Definitely keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, every day! Hugs lady!!

  7. Happy 21 weeks! I look forward to your weekly posts. Congratulations on two boys! That is so exciting. I’ll keep praying for you and the boys, that they stay in there long enough & are strong & healthy.

  8. Congratulations on your boys and all the good stuff! And you know what? Even if the doc doesn’t recommend modifying your activities, if it makes you feel better, then do it anyway. Just throwing that out there. (And sending love and prayers your way!!)

  9. Two little boys, congratulations!! I’m glad the cerclage is doing its job and that so far things are okay. Rest easy and often and do only what activities you feel up to doing. I’ll be thinking of the three of you and very much hoping you all will make it many more weeks!

  10. Congrats on two little boys! I too am wondering if Dr mentioned stopping work. If not I’d say take it easy as much as possible. Little sparks stay put! Many hopes and good thoughts coming your way.

  11. Congratulations on your BOYS!! I’m so excited for you! I’m sorry you have any cause for worry. I don’t think that taking it as easy as you are able to is a bad idea… that’s just me. While viability is a great milestone… I would really love for you to keep your boys growing on the inside well beyond viability! I have a friend who ran into the same thing at 22 weeks and she kept her singleton in until 32 weeks (today is his due date and he’s been home from NICU for a while already), but she didn’t have the cerclage either. Happy to see your update!

  12. Congrats on 2 boys! I would put yourself on partial bedrest if your cervix is shortening. When you are home stay lying down on your left side to take the pressure off your cervix. If it shortens any more at your next appointment ask to be written off work.

  13. Paige….You have me worried sick since you haven’t posted! I’m praying and praying for you and the babies! Loving Grandma in Illinois!

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