Clara B Dog

Clara B. Dog is very sick.  A few weeks ago, I noticed she was having trouble drinking water.  I looked in her throat and didn’t see anything wrong.  She seemed to improve after a few days.  This past Sunday, I noticed a large lump on her neck.  My local vet did a bunch of tests and found all her organs were working fine but one of her liver functions was slightly off.  Our vet thought the lump was an abscess but didn’t want to operate on the lump because of the location.  It could be connected to a lot of complicated muscles, veins etc.  She sent us to a fancy specialist vet who did ultrasounds and xrays.  It took a long time and Clara didn’t like being there.  Fancy Vet found stuff in her belly that indicates Cushings Disease and lesions in her lung area.  Although everything had indicated that the lump was probably an abscess, she wouldn’t operate on the lump on the neck because she didn’t know if her lungs could handle the anesthesia and also if it was cancer, disturbing it could make it spread even faster.  She wanted to do a bunch of diagnostic CT scans and other tests to find out what kind of chemotherapy to use.  I talked again to our vet who agreed and still wouldn’t operate on the neck.  We discussed ways to make what time Clara B has left as comfortable as possible.

If God is trying to break me, He’s doing a damn fine job.


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