I’ve never really liked going there….who does?  I went to high school with my dentist but  we definitely did not run in the same circles.  Picture me the Country Mouse and him the Country Club Mouse.  Although he’s always been nice, I always felt awkward laying in the chair and having his hands in my mouth.  I was always going to change dentists but it’s something I don’t think about until I’m having the check up.

The other day I drove my mom  to the dentist to have a toothache looked at.  When the dentist noticed me in the waiting room, he came right out to talk to me.  I knew by the look in his eyes he was going to offer condolences.  Who knew one could find comfort at the dentist?  Everything he said to me rang true.  He said he and his wife had suffered losses and how hard it was.  How everyday there was some sledgehammer to the heart.  How people say really stupid things.  How no one really understands.   How time was the only thing that really helped.

I thanked him and then actually had to ask him to stop talking because I didn’t want to cry in the dentist’s waiting room.

Maybe I won’t change dentists after all.


3 comments on “Dentist

  1. Love that you got that unexpected hit of compassion from him! Ahhh we go along each day really just projecting all over each other. its nice to get a good surprise.

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