Dear MB

Dear MB,

How can I thank you for everything you’ve done for me from the very start?  If not for you, I would not have had the chance to become a mother to my beautiful twins.  I remember talking with you and Mendy about asking Emily to be our egg donor.  I was still  just thinking about it when I left your house.  It was only after that simple text from you that I should “get crackin” on an email to Emily that I actually took action.  I’m not sure I would have actually gone through with it, if not for that last bit of encouragement and I would never, ever give up the chance even if the time was too short.

       I’ll never forget the look on your face when I told you I was pregnant.  I could feel happiness radiating from you as well as surprise, of course.  I always felt love from you for us all from the beginning and even now.  I always knew you were in it with me, “co-parenting” in our little nontraditional family.  I was already looking forward to the boys and I spending time with you…photo shoots, swimming, outings everywhere and just hanging out.  I couldn’t wait to have you as a “boy mom” mentor.  You can’t believe how disappointed I was when I realized you would probably be retired by the time Jack and Aaron got to high school.  I really wanted you to influence how my sons grew up and I’m so sorry you won’t get a chance to.

       Even when the worst was happening you never faltered in being there for us.  I’ll be forever grateful that you were there when the babies were born.  When it seemed even my parents were crumbling, you were there to lend us your strength.   When the pain was nearly at its worst, you’d been listening carefully to the doctors and watching the clock.  You made me hit the call button because they said the pain shot would take 20 minutes and it didn’t help after 17 minutes.  It was good that I had someone watching things so carefully.  

I’m so glad you were there to hold and hug Jack and Aaron with me.  I can just see you now swaying with one of them across the room and telling them you love them.  And you were there to take photos…as one of the few things I have left of Jack and Aaron, I’m sure you know how treasured those beautiful pictures are to me.

And you’re here now letting me know its ok to reach and even that it’s ok if I don’t know what to reach out for.  I will always remember and be forever grateful for your friendship during this time.  When you said to the nurse who asked if we were family that, “we may as well be sisters.”  you were telling the truth and I will always consider you my sister and the boys’ aunt.




2 comments on “Dear MB

  1. I am so glad that MB was there and was strong through everything when so many others were not strong for you. She sounds like the best of the Yas.

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