Dear MC

Dear MC,

How can I thank you for everything you’ve done for me from the very start?    I’ll never forget how you joked around about me having triplets.   After I’d recovered from some of the shock that there were, in fact, three, I thought of you.   You always encouraged me on the journey to get pregnant and I really felt you were in it with me from the start.  Whether it was a bright or dark moment, you were never hesitant to ask me how it was going or what the next step was.  Talking with you always made me feel better about what was happening.   I’m glad to have you as confidant and counselor.

I’ll never forget the look on your face when I told you I was pregnant.  I could feel happiness radiating from you as well as surprise, of course.  I always felt love from you for us all from the beginning and even now.  I always knew you would be with me, “co-parenting” in our little nontraditional family.  I was already looking forward to the boys and I spending time with you…photo shoots, outings everywhere and just hanging out.  I really wanted you to influence how my sons grew up and I’m so sorry you won’t get a chance to.

I was so glad to see your face the night Jack and Aaron were born.   I know few other people who would come running in the middle of the night to comfort someone with such newly raw pain, both physical and emotional.  It was good to have someone there who I could cry with and say anything to even if it was something painful and ugly.  I remember you had looked up Jack and Aaron’s names and told me what they meant.   You made sure I knew they were the perfect names for those boys.   You were the first of very few who asked to see the boys’ pictures.  We smiled together and I felt proud as you lovingly pointed out little details I hadn’t yet noticed.    I know you thought they were beautiful too.

And you’re here now letting me know it’s ok to have any and every emotion and that even small victories add up to healing.  I will always remember and be forever grateful for your friendship and love during this time.  When we tease each other that we may as well be “sisters” we are telling the truth.  I will always consider you my childrens’ auntie and my sister. 

Thank you for loving us all.


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