53/365 – Fighting the Calendar

53/365 – Fighting the Calendar

I should have been at an ultrasound appointment today.
53/365 - Fighting the Calendar

But instead I made my traditional broccoli casserole and Potatoes Supreme. Later Dollface came over after making party mix and painting three little paper mache pumpkins at Maw Maw’s house. I could tell she was just worn out from having a sleepover the night before but she still helped me make a pumpkin pie and created a one of a kind cat house for Spot and Razzle. It was a relatively good day but…

I wonder how big I would have been now if I’d stayed pregnant.  Sometimes I put my hands on my empty belly and think about that. I’d probably be ponderous and uncomfortable and slow by now and they’d be kicking the crap out of me daily. I wish I was having the crap kicked out of me daily.

House of Spot Dot
Spot's Designer House


5 comments on “53/365 – Fighting the Calendar

  1. I often read and rarely comment because nothing I can say is worth anything. It can’t begin to touch your pain. Damn that calendar. I get not parting with it, because that’s one step closer to this all being a distant memory.

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