Dear Dad

(It’s more thank you letters…Sorry.   They were so emotional and time consuming to write I just can’t bear not to preserve them here forever.  Feel free to skip reading them.  Thank you for your patience)

Dear Dad,

Thank you for the million things, little and big, you have done for me during my pregnancies and throughout my whole life.   You never hesitate but come right away when I need help.   I know it hasn’t been easy but thank you for always doing whatever you could for me with your time, kindness, presence, money or just a listening ear.  I know you would make everything better if you could.  You are a more generous and supportive father than I will ever deserve.  Saying thank you will never be enough.

I wanted to name one of my sons after you because you are the kindest and best person I know but I couldn’t bring myself to put your full name into the ground with such sadness.  I really wanted Jack and Aaron to be just like you and I know you would have helped me raise them both to be good men like you are:  hardworking, responsible, smart, patient, caring and honorable.

I know you would have been a good Paw Paw to Jack and Aaron because I see how good you are with Stretch and Dollface and I’m so sorry you won’t have a chance to.   I could just see the boys running roughshod all over the farm and you corralling them to teach them how to drive a tractor or care for a newborn calf or how a persimmon seed can tell about the coming winter or make a chicken buck or how to work hard at something until it is figured out or any one of many, many other things.   I know we would have had fun raising these boys.

And just as you’ve been there for me through the whole journey, you’re here now helping me in any way you can.  I will always be grateful that I was born your daughter and I hope you know I love you very much. 



Sweet Boys



5 comments on “Dear Dad

  1. Oh, Paige, your sons are so beautiful. Your letter to your father brings tears to my eyes. You are a wonderful daughter and mother.

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