Dream Visit

A few days after Christmas, I was texting with Em and she told me she dreams often of two blue eyed little boys.  They have a grey kitty with them always and they call her Emmy.  We both know these are our children visiting.  Emmy is ME or Mavis Emily.  Why she would manifest as a kitty, I don’t know.  My mom and Em both have that gift from my mother’s side of the family.  People who have passed on visit them in their dreams.  Mom frequently talks of her parents and Aunt Alys comforting her in her dreams.  I do believe it to be true but I’ve never had this gift.  I sleep soundly and rarely remember any of my dreams.  I’ve been envious of these visits.  One time after Greyson died I begged God to let him visit but was awakened by a bad dream instead.

Mom tells me the twins come to her in a vision, more like a daydream I guess.  She “sees” me reading to the boys, Aaron cuddled up next to me and Jack playing at my feet with toy cars.  Jack gets too rambunctious with the toys and I gently scold him.  “But I’m listening, Mom”, he says.  Mom says it comforts her to think about this.  I find it interesting that for Em and Mom the twins are little boys.  Unless I’m remember the time I had with them while I was pregnant or at their births.  I think of them and Greyson as the age they should have been.  I think of Greyson as two and a half and the twins as tiny babies.  It usually does not comfort me but saddens me to think of what should have been.

Yesterday I ran across  this random little article.   I do truly believe my children have sent me messages in a few of these ways but not through my dreams.  I didn’t get that gift.  Last night I asked them to visit and to wake me after the visit so I could remember.  Little Mavis Emily came to my dreams last night.  A small little girl with dark hair cut into bangs.  I knew it was her.  I felt so warm and peaceful while I was with her.  I woke momentarily, smiled and rolled back into sleep.  I was comforted.

Greyson, Little Mavis Emily, Jack, Aaron,                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please, please, please visit me as often as you can for as long as you can.  Don’t forget to wake Mama when you leave so I can remember every moment of your nighttime visit.   I want to know you are happy together and waiting for me.  I love you.  See you in my dreams.


3 comments on “Dream Visit

  1. I’m so glad Mavis Emily came to see you in your sleep. I’ve experienced this too several times with loved ones I’ve lost. The first was my dad but my mom responded so negatively to my telling of the dream that I don’t remember what it was, just that I felt good after. I’ve also had one about a close friend who passed away suddenly and my dog Sadie. I hope you receive many, many more visits from your babies.

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