111 – 114 – Dancing and Boxes

111/365 – Brianna Dancing – I subbed for our afterschool program one night and supervised playing with the Wii
111/365 - Brianna Dancing

112/365 – Jenesis – Last year, I looked forward every day to seeing what accessories this girl would wear. Pretty tame these days, but back then she was known to do things like wear 4 sparkly headbands at once. Funny thing is she’s a very quiet, shy girl.
112/365 - Jenesis Dancing

113/365 – Greyson’s Operation Christmas Child Note – One thing that helps me is finding ways to somehow do good or to “mother” in the name of my children. I love packing boxes of toys for Operation Christmas Child and thinking about the children who will be looking at my son’s name and playing with toys chosen and packed while I was thinking of him. I’m going to try to do one for each of the children.
113/365 - Christmas Child Letter

114.365 – 222-555 – On a package that arrived at my door. I know my children love me.
114/365 - 222-555


2 comments on “111 – 114 – Dancing and Boxes

  1. I’ve been following your picture series but I haven’t commented – you have some very lovely and very interesting pictures.
    I’m glad you’ve been able to do some things in memory of your children. I’m sure they see how much you love them.
    Also, about your picture of the shy girl – I am shy and I find that dressing “loudly” is a way to express myself without ever having to say a word. šŸ™‚

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