158 – 160 Dolls

158/365 – Kids Reading With Raggedy Ann. My cousin is getting ready to move and is cleaning out closets. She gave me Aunt Coco’s Raggedy Ann made for her by my mother’s cousin in Louisiana. Actually she made them for all of us kids too but ours Anns and Andys were a small version. You may know Raggedy Ann and Andy have hearts sewn on their chests. Aunt Coco’s Raggedy Ann’s heart has “I love Aunt Coco” inside it. Anyway, I had her in the car and thought I’d just bring her in to visit for the day. None of the kids knew who she was but you wouldn’t believe how interested and excited those kids were to see her. Even my big fourth grade boys wanted to cuddle up and read to her. One boy, Denim, asked how old she was. He was shocked to find out she’s over 40 years old. This same boy came in the next day and said, “She’s still here!” So I decided Raggedy Ann will have a new life at school. She’s been away too long.
158/365 - Brianna, Aniyah and Raggedy Ann

159/365 – KM – One of my reading students
159/365 - Krishon

160/365 – My Favorite Childhood Books donated to Jack and Aaron’s Library
160/365 - My Favorite Childhood Books

Bonus Doll Story:
My public library lends out Am.erican G.irl dolls. You’re probably thinking the same thing I did when I found out. This library has too much of my tax money. Anyway, I was checking one out to take to school for our school librarian to use in a lesson for African American History month. The librarian came out with Ce.cile and said she’d just been returned that day with some spots on her dress. The librarian had washed out the dress but it was still damp. I could take it with me and put it on her in a few hours. Hoping Ce.cile wouldn’t catch her death of cold being undressed and all, I agreed. The next morning in the school parking lot, there I was dressing this doll while coworkers pulled up on either side of me and eyed what I was doing while they walked into school. Guess the word got out….Paige has gone completely round the bend….she’s playing with dolls and muttering to herself. It did make me feel a little kooky balls to dress that pretty little doll but I figure if anyone has the right to be kooky balls, it’s me. and my doll.


3 comments on “158 – 160 Dolls

  1. I love that they are enjoying Raggedy Ann! So why didn’t you take the Ame.rican Gi.rl doll inside to dress her? Though if I had been there I probably would have wandered over and ask if I could play. 🙂

  2. I love raggedy ann and Andy. They are so fun, cool that the students enjoy her. The American girl doll thing is funny.

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