The Mad Shitter

(Preface:  Please no one worry about this child.  The school nurse, social worker, and parents have been notified and we are all working together to help this boy)

So we’ve been finding turds in the hallway.  Yes, turds.  Toward the end of the day for about a week, a lone turd would just be sitting there in the hallway.  It became quite the mystery and quite the talked about event.  We’d taken to saying, “The Mad Shitter strikes again!”  Finally, the principal spent an hour looking at hallway video trying to figure out who was doing it.  She was laughing so hard a couple of us went in there to see what was happening.  She showed us the video.  Sure enough….a little boy goes walking down the hallway, pauses and looks thoughtful for a few seconds, gives his leg a shake and walks on leaving a little gift behind him.  This alone was funny but then our assistant secretary is seen on the video walking down the hallway.  She pauses, makes a face, tilts her foot up to look at the bottom of her shoe, looks at the mess on the floor, makes another face, looks at her shoe again.  I’m telling you we were all falling down laughing.

We think it’s simply because his “schedule” is to go toward the end of the school day so while he’s in there the announcements are made to end the day and he tries to hurry….and…well….   We are all fully sympathetic to him but wow, we’ve had some laughs over this one.

PS This little boy is close to my heart because he gave me one of my first smiles a few weeks after I went back to work after Jack and Aaron’s maternity leave.  He was reading a story to me and when he came to the typical ending “and they lived happily ever after”  he used a solemn, slow  voice to add “AAAmen”.  He saw that it made me smile so for a while he added it to the end of all the stories he read.


2 comments on “The Mad Shitter

  1. I remember we had a phantom crapper in high school. Granted whoever it was left a lot more than a single turd. Don’t think they were ever caught.

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