173 – 177 Head Shots

Some of my favorite “head shots” from our production of “The L.orax”
173/365 – Sweet little “Humming Fish” who hum and splash around the stage. When I asked them what they were going to hum and suggested “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Jingle Bells” one of them said, “How ’bout jazz!” and she started scatting.
Azaiah & Chloe - "Humming Fish"

174/365 – “Aunt”
Rakita - "Aunt"

175/365 – “Brother” who is totally obsessed with that wooden axe. He likes to twirl it around like a baton and has had it taken away several times.
Tyrique - "Brother"

176/365 – “Narrator 6”
DeAngelo - "Narrator 6"

177/365 – “Young Boy”
Derrion E - "Young Boy"


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