178 – 181 Happy 9th Dollface

Yesterday Mom and I took Dollface to the mall to have her ears pierced.  It was a taxing day.  We had several whiny rounds of “I want to do it, no I don’t”. Stretch was very good with her and tried to talk her into it, comfort her, offer to hold her hands etc. Ultimately she couldn’t go through with it.  I bought her a little necklace and we left.

Then we went to a hibachi restaurant where Stretch became very unpleasant because she’s such a picky eater and they didn’t have any of the 5 things she eats there.  She’s done this all her life but for the love of cheese she’s 16 and it was for her sister’s birthday!  But Dollface seemed to enjoy seeing them cook and show off at the table.  They brought her cheesecake and a “dragon” came out and danced with her.  It was fun and we were almost able to forget Stretch being awful.

In the parking lot, Stretch was extremely disrespectful by screeching across the parking lot that she wasn’t going to help me find the car keys.   I told her I didn’t care for her tone and she should apologize immediately but she claimed she wasn’t talking to me when she’d yelled and she wouldn’t apologize.  When we got in the car, 8 year old Dollface apologized for her sister’s behavior.  This made me so sad.  I had thought Stretch and I were past all that crap.   Even worse, her parents didn’t back me up but believed some “Paige is so mean” story she told them.    I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent of course but I would have taken her new driver’s license away and made her apologize.  I guess she and I will never be close.

Although I was conflicted about going to Dollface’s “kid” party today, I would be dammed if I would let Stretch’s bad behavior keep me away.  It took place at a local pizza/games/loud place.  When I walked up to the table, I came up behind Dollface and gave her a kiss.  Across from her C’s eyes became really big and she said, “Umm wrong girl”.  I had kissed one of Dollface’s little blond friends.  Yikes!  We all had a good laugh and it broke the ice.  I decided I must be turning into my Aunt Ella Mae who would hug and kiss anyone and everyone.

It was ok with the family.  C didn’t say anything about it to me although I know she was angry yesterday when it happened.  Stretch was a little cool towards me but not so you’d notice if you weren’t me.  We just carried on as usual.  Most importantly, Dollface had a really fun birthday.

We all got together later at E and C’s house for Dollface’s favorite chicken pot pie supper and cake and presents with my parents.  Over a year ago, I had given Stretch a bag full of balloons with money and notes inside each one.   It was a fun way to give a teenager money.  Dollface has been talking about that since then and she couldn’t wait to pop those balloons.   She also got two of the strangest gifts I’ve seen a 9 year old receive.  One was a tackle box complete with floats, hooks etc.  She loves fishing so that wasn’t too much of a surprise.  The other was a little grill.  Like for grilling meat outside.  E says she’s been eyeballing it at the hardware store for years.  She was really happy after she opened it.   I can’t believe 9 years have gone by since that little girl was born.

Took ’em with my phone so quality’s not too good.
178/365 – Dollface at Sh.oGu.n
178/365 - Alyssa at ShoGun

179/365 – Popping Balloons
179/365 - Popping Balloons!

180/365 – Wha??
180/365 - Wha??

Stretch baked both cupcakes and a little cake for Dollface. She did a really nice job. The cupcakes had tie dyed frosting. Dollface wanted a St. Patrick’s Day cake so Stretch decorated it with a rainbow and clover on it.
181/365 – Cutting The Cake
181/365 - Cutting The Cake


3 comments on “178 – 181 Happy 9th Dollface

  1. I’m sorry Stretch is being an impossible teenager. I’m also sorry that her parents don’t have the backbone to actually discipline her. 😦 It sounds like you helped give Dollface a wonderful birthday! As for the ear piercing, I was 11 when I had my first set done. Then as an adult I wanted the second set for probably about eight years before I could talk myself into it.

  2. Sorry about the teenager drama. I bet you guys will be closer in another 5 years or so when she grows up more. Glad you had a good time with Dollface though. Happy Birthday to her!

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