Where It All Happened

My friend, BS, had weight loss surgery a week ago and today she needed a ride home from the doctor.  So for the first time since my boys were born, I drove down to the medical area near Big City Hospital where it all happened.  Where the Sparks and I spent so many hours at the specialist high risk OB, having ultrasounds, and of course there were plenty of hours of waiting.   It gave me a tightening of the chest to see the same streets and buildings.  And to see the changes.  Two major buildings are being torn down and traffic was a mess.  Why did my boys have to die?  Why couldn’t I be driving down there with two three month old baby boys to visit the doctors who made it all happen?  The ones who, in a perfect or fair or kind world, kept us all safe through a full term pregnancy?

God, I miss them so much…


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