186-188 – Flying Kites

Plus a few extras from Dollface’s birthday weekend.

179/365 – Dollface agonizing over getting her ears pierced and Stretch comforting her.  She didn’t get them pierced
179/365 To Pierce or Not

181/365 – Chopsticks
181/365 - Birthday Cheesecake

182/365 – Stretch being disrespectful
182/365 - Megan

186/365 – Time
186/365 - Time

Dollface spent last weekend with me while her parents were in the Dominican Republic.  Of course I didn’t see hide nor hair of Stretch after the unpleasantness of the previous weekend.  We had a very nice weekend of shopping for Dollface with Mom to make up for the botched trip to the mall the weekend before.   Awfully hard being in the kid/baby clothing department though.  All those adorable Easter outfits I should be thinking about…  We ate at the B.read C.o and no one complained.  On Sunday, Dollface came to church with me and it filled my heart to have her there.  Pastor J has asked me to open donations for Jack and Aaron’s library up to the whole church.  Although, it’s not a huge church, there are a lot of caring people there and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.  Sunday, although it was cool and blustery, we flew kites.

187/365 – Kite String
187/365- String

188/365 – Flying Kites
188/365 - Flying Kites



2 comments on “186-188 – Flying Kites

  1. How nice of Pastor J to think about Jack and Aaron’s library and involve the church.

    I feel so bad for Dollface. I remember being worried before I got mine done. I’m glad she decided not to; she wasn’t ready. My niece has pierced ears but I recall buying her clip on earings at some time when she was young and they weren’t pierced. I’ll bet you could find Dollface some cute clip on earings.

    I used to have quite a few ear piercings but over the years doing IVF it got too annoying taking out the earings for retrievals and put them back after transfers so I left them out. By the time I got around to putting them back in the holes were all too tiny for earings except the first ones I got when I was 8. So, that’s all I have now. I suppose I could work at getting them back in but it just seems more appropriate to leave that decoration from my 20s behind. I think I’m going to go buy myself some nice diamond studs now that I have fewer holes to fill.

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