189-193 Jewelry

189/365 – Bracelet I had made for Em from 2 Sisters Handcrafted Etsy shop  Colleen from 2 Sisters is a doll to work with and does beautiful work.   The bottom one I had made for my mother. When she was born, my grandpa’s friends were all ribbing him about having a girl first. They all had boys first. Grandpa quoted them some Keats “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.  That shut them right up. I’m giving it to her for Mother’s Day next month.
189/365 - Emily's Bracelet

190/365 – Bracelet Mom made for me
190/365 - Bracelet from Mom

191/365 – Angel Wings from Em…it has the boys’ initials on the back. She gave it to me just a few days after Jack and Aaron were born.  She has one just like it with Jack and Aaron’s initials on the back.
191/365 - Angel Wings from Emily

192/365 – Necklace also from 2 Sisters Handcrafted Etsy shop I had this made for myself at the same time I had Em and Mom’s bracelets made.  I cried a little when I received it and saw the little birthstones nestled inside.  It’s similar to one a dear blogger friend had made for me after Greyson went to Heaven.  The two sides go together like a sort of locket and the jewels are hidden inside.  It has a star stamped on one side and a heart with wings on the other so I can wear it either way.  I like it because their names are not out there for every stranger to see and ask about and it makes a small sound as I move around.  I don’t need a locket to keep them close but I like to hear that little sound.
192/365 - Birthstone Locket

193/365 – “Mother’s” ring from the Yayas.  They all came over the week after the funeral and presented it to me.  I was hurting so badly I’m afraid I was kind of a brat about it saying I didn’t want a present because it wouldn’t bring my boys back.  But now I wear it every day.  The center stone is for my Greyson’s December birth and of course the two side stones are for Jack and Aaron’s in September.  I think they look beautiful together but I sure wish they were April and January stones.
193/365 Ring from the Girls


One comment on “189-193 Jewelry

  1. You’ve kept Colleen busy. I too wish that the stones in the ring were April and January and you were too tired to write because you had your three beautiful little boys keeping you so busy.

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