201-205 Rainbows and Moles

201/365 What I Should Be Buyng at T.arget
201/365 Mavis' Easter

202/365 Greyson’s 3rd Due Date
202/365 Greyson's 3rd Due Date

203/365 Morning Sunshower
203/365 Manix Rainbow

204/365 While we were flying kites one evening, Norma Rae Dog dug up and killed a field mole. Dollface of course got so upset but was inconsolable when we discovered two babies which had been left behind. She fussed and fussed for the longest time. Whining when I wouldn’t let her bring the creature into the house. “NO ONE cares about animals the way III DO!!” Eventually we found the “other entrance” to their home and the remaining baby ran into it.
204/365 Alyssa with Baby Mole

205/365 Baby Mole
205/365 Baby Mole


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