224-227 Last Day of School

Well, the 2013/2014 school year is in the can.  It was a weird, sad, happy and tearful day for me.  Although, I’m looking forward to a break from the fast pace and stresses of the school year, I just couldn’t get excited about this last day.  I could tell my level of enthusiasm paled drastically in comparison to my co-workers.  I smiled and acted happy and I AM glad it’s over and I NEED this healing time but I could tell their energy was at a level I’m not sure I will ever be able to get to again.  What do I have to rush home for this summer except empty arms.  Jack and Aaron should have turned 6 months old this summer, Greyson should have been a  little over 3 years old.  We should have been splashing in a little pool every day and going to every library story time and homecoming carnival in the area.  I have a few plans and things to enjoy coming up but the summer without them yawns out in front of me.

224/365 My Messy Desk – It was clean by the end of the day…I promise.
224/365 My Messy Desk

225/365 View From My Desk – After looking at these all year, I just couldn’t bear to take them down.  If the custodians don’t do it for me, I hope to be strong enough to do it myself come fall.
225/365 View From My Desk

226/365 Jack and Aaron’s Library has grown so much. And their librarian, KR, has helped me so much with this project. She insisted on staying late with me to work on it today which was the last day of school. I can never explain how much working on their books has helped me this year. It is a way I can mother them while “mothering” many children who will read those books.
226/365 Jack and Aaron's Shelf

227/365 One of many I’ve seen lately. This was on the way home after the last day of school.
227/365 One of Many


2 comments on “224-227 Last Day of School

  1. Oh how I wish it were my last day of school. I know completely different context but I’m really not enjoying my classes at the moment.
    Love the picture of the library. 🙂

  2. The last day of school in my area won’t be for another month, but those days of looking forward to the summer break are gone for me.

    Now I want to know how you can possibly sit at a desk when there is a printer taking up the entire spot for your legs, there’s no way that’s ergonomic. I think you need a cart for the thing or you school board needs to pop for networked printers so they don’t have to be placed under desks.

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