Gladys the Pig Series

May I introduce you to Gladys. This is our neighbor’s pig who is a mother to 5 piglets and who Dollface is obsessed with. Every few days we ride our bikes down to visit the little pig family.  Gladys is a good mother and she can move very fast with an intimidating growl/grunt if she thinks her babies are being threatened.  She’s way faster than you think a 700 pound sow could ever move. But if you don’t upset the piglets, she’s quite amiable.  She loves having her back scratched and gobbles up her daily treat of two farm fresh eggs. After which she spits out the shell.  She will try to climb out of the pen if she thinks you are holding her egg away from her.  She’s quite the entertaining neighbor.
228/365 Gladys, Our Neighbor Pig

229/365 Gladys Wants A Treat

Gladys Gets A Treat

Gladys Loves Eggs

Pig Tails


2 comments on “Gladys the Pig Series

  1. While I am not much of a pig person (foolish prejudices), Gladys seems interesting and her babies are cute. I can see how they would catch a child’s interest. 🙂

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