Modern Farm Series

We visited a modernistic farm a few weeks ago. Please no mean comments…I don’t agree with everything you see but it was fascinating to take the tour, like George Je.tson’s farm or something.

Automatic calf feeder:

Automatic Calf Feeder

Computerized Robotic Milking:
Milker Screen Tracks Each Quarter

Robotic Milker Cleaning Udder

Robotic Milker 2

Cow Lot:
Bird's Eye Lot

This automatic cow scratcher was my favorite part. The cow could move anywhere under the brush she wanted and it would rotate to scratch that itch. You could just see the cow thinking, “Oh yeahhh that’s the spot!”
Head Scratch

Other Side


3 comments on “Modern Farm Series

  1. My Diva would love the automatic scratcher. As it is, she will walk under my legs until she finds the right spot and then move back and forth to scratch herself (she’s doing it right now). The other thing she does when you start scratching someplace on her head or back, she will move forward or backward until you hit the “sweet spot” at the base of her spine. 🙂 So that automatic scratcher would come in handy.

  2. I want a scratcher! I’m sure it was an interesting place to visit. No idea how people can come up with mean comments (granted I know there are plenty who manage).

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