Nashville Day 1

On our way to Nashville, we actually took a little side trip, which is virtually unheard of in our world because Dad likes to drive straight though no matter where we are going without stopping for a sip of water or a meal.  This was the site of Barbara Mandrell’s home Fontanel which we didn’t see because the price of the tour was pretty high.  However, you’re sure as shootin’ we crossed the parking lot to get a free tour and samples at this distillery which is housed in the home Barbara built to live in while her big home was being built.  That’s wealthy people for ya’…

Prichard's Distillery

Sweet Lucy

When we arrived in Nashville too early to check in to our hotel, we visited Andrew Jackson’s lovely home The Heritage.

Hermitage Porch

Andrew and Rachel's Tomb

Dad made friends everywhere we went.  This lady kindly offered us a ride back to the visitor’s center and in about 10 seconds she and Dad were discussing the corn crop vs. the corn in her garden.

Dad Makes Friends

And to round out the first day, we looked over the honkytonks and enjoyed some music.

Layla's Bluegrss

Carriage Driver with Pup


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