Nashville Day 3: The Pickers and The Ryman

We saw many artifacts at the Country Music Hall of Fame and then we visited the American Picker’s shop. Many cool things there:
Picker's Drum

Picker's Bike

I thought these soaps in a neighboring store were so clever:
Musical Soaps

Loved all the street musicians:
Spreading the Love

Mandolin Mike's Case

Smiling Street Musician

I thought that was a fake cat until I saw his little ears move.
Street Musician with Cat

And finally the culminating event, the reason we traveled to Nashville…to see Dailey and Vincent at The Ryman Auditorium:
Dailey and Vincent

Back in January, Dad dragged me to a local bluegrass concert. I really didn’t want to go, but my mom wouldn’t go and he had this extra ticket. Y’all, it was a fantastic show. These boys do a modern twist on the old pickin’ and grinnin’. Best of all they sang this song. It had such a profound effect on me. I could feel my heart opening up and warming. Although, of course, I know now and knew then that my children are in heaven, this song just spoke right to my soul and I felt my children with me.

So I became a fan and I follow them on FB and when I saw they were coming to the Ryman, I knew we had to go. I have no idea how they came to play in the teeny, tiny town in southern Illinois because I later discovered they’re pretty famous in the bluegrass world and in fact were on their way to the Grammys the day after that January concert.  No matter, I’m sure I was meant to be there listening.

And their “chicken bus”. I’m telling you I heard so much about S.pringer F.arms Chicken (no steroids, no antibiotics, no animal byproducts) I feel like I should go out and buy some and eat it just to see what all the clucking is about. Of course that is the whole idea, isn’t it.
D and V "Chicken Bus"

More of Dad’s new friends at the Ryman.  I called these guys the DBs short for Drunk Brothers.  They were friendly enough though and for a short time I thought they were going to take Dad home with them.
Dad and the DB's


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