261-265 Pets and Mrs. G

261/365 – Razzle says “What??” Taken and edited by Dollface
261/365 Razzle says, "What?'

262/365 – Peace Out…and check out those double chins! It’s really time for me to start caring about myself again.
262/365 Peace Out

263/365 Norma Sits (taken by Dollface)
263/365 Norma Sits

264/365 – Mrs. G’s First Grade
The music program was cut at our school much to our horror. Because of her certification the 50ish music teacher who has only taught music was forced to take a position teaching first grade. She had done well, learning and growing each day, while being stressed out to the max. While she has survived breast cancer and a serious fall which caused a broken wrist and ankle, her health is still a bit fragile.

I have been in her room as much as possible and while I love the kids and it was fun at first, the situation is wearing me out. I believe Mrs. G has decided to resign or retire early so I’m hopeful that there will be a new teacher in this classroom next week. I feel badly that the kids have had such an inconsistent start but I’m glad this wonderful woman who gave it her best shot is making the best decision for her health.
264/365 Mrs. G's First Grade

265/365 – Three Girls from Mrs. G’s classroom visiting my classroom.
265/365 Zania, Dalyla, Victoria

2 comments on “261-265 Pets and Mrs. G

  1. 1) I love that Dollface is picking up photography from you. 🙂
    2) As usual, you are so gracious to everyone in your life. The kids and the faculty at your school are so lucky to have you.
    3) I would really love to see you with the kids in your classroom.
    4) Be kind to yourself. Yes, be good to yourself but also be kind to yourself. You deserve kindness because you offer so much to others.

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