Last Prenatal and New Ink

269/365 My last prenatal vitamin. I loved having a reason to take these and in some moments, I still can’t believe I will never have a reason to take them again.
269/365 Last One

270/365 New Tattoo
Please excuse my unpedicured foot. I know people will look at this and assume it is for the boys but it isn’t. I have something else in mind for them along with Mavis Emily. I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time but due to infertility expenses and credit card debt, I kept putting it off. These little frogs are for my nieces. The blue for Stretch and the red for Dollface. Dollface said she knew which one was “her” because it was a little smaller.
270/365 New Tattoo
First of all, I think everyone should go hang out in a tattoo shop sometime just for the experience, even if they do not want a tattoo. It is such a creative, underground, headbanging, totally male vibe there. It was wildly entertaining and fascinating to me. So completely different from my work world of caring women and sweet, innocent children.

Everyone there was very professional about creating the perfect piece of personal artwork.  My artist, who I chose because I loved the work of his I saw on others and thought he was truly talented.  Later I found out he’d been to art school after being in the Marines, so quite a multifaceted guy.  I would like to talk to him sometime when he’s not jamming needles filled with ink into my body while I keep myself from screaming.

Something really weird would happen too, my leg would sort of spasm.  It was some sort of crazy reflex I could NOT stop.  The guy had to actually hold down my foot pretty forcefully and at one point he said, “You know if you kick me, your tattoo is over.”  and he laughed but after that my consuming thought was, “I cannot go home with only a leaf and an eyeball on my foot.”  It didn’t help though…the leg and foot just kept twitching away so I have to hand it to the guy for his diligent hard work.

Anyway, I think I heard the F word more times in a few hours than in the last 6 months. I mean a sentence would be, “I’m going to Fing the Fy F F F take out food, Fing now.”  At one point, they were discussing what a song that was playing was really about.  Wow, then I heard the b word, the c word, the other b word, the p word……  I actually started to cover my face because I got a little embarrassed.  I tried to meekly say, “I think it’s really just about honey, you guys.”  My tattoo artist didn’t apologize…he only said, “Whoa, I know….shop full of dudes!”  I had to laugh and admire these artistic men who are authentic to who they are.  But then there would be a surprisingly sweet moment like when my artist came in from a smoke break and practically ran over to the other older, crusty artist and told him about the neighbors newly hatched baby finches.  I mean, who would expect two tattoo dudes to go on and on about sweet, little baby birds.

So, to recap, it hurt like an F***ing M*th*r F***er but I do love it and I loved the experience.


4 comments on “Last Prenatal and New Ink

  1. I do love the tatoo and think you are so much tougher than I am. I would probably only have a dot. Did they give you any specific directions about the care? It seems like that would be a tough spot.

  2. Beautiful. Top of the foot does hurt. A lot. My worst though was on my left chest. Spent two hours in a weird position while he worked on a sensitive area. Ouch.

  3. I have one that was done in parts, goes up my thing and then up my side. When he was at the top of the thigh I kept getting this weird sensation in my hip bone even though he was not by it…totally weird.

    Yeah they hurt but I LOVE them!! And I LOVE yours!!

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