Chili Cookoff

My friend, BS, invited me. I had never been to one before outside of our little cook offs at school.  It was a beautiful, sunny day. The firemen had the best chili…no surprise there.There was a display of hearses..who knew that some people have them for Halloween “decorations”?  As we walked up, BS said, “Oh, I love hearses!” I must have looked at her strangely because we both burst out laughing. I’ve known her for years and never knew this little tidbit about her.
B, Me and Our "Victim"

BS used to me a lot larger than me but this spring she had weight loss surgery. Unlike with SC, I’m nothing but happy for her. The weight was really affecting her health and quality of life. Ok, there is a teensy amount of jealousy. She’s lost over 120 pounds and as you can see now she is slightly smaller than I am. I wish I had the courage to have that surgery.

There were millions of cute kids in costumes and it did give me a twinge.
Cute Baby Chick

Maybe Jack and Aaron would have been a chicken and egg, if they’d lived. If they had all three lived, maybe they would have been a three scoop sundae and I would have walked around with a giant spoon.


2 comments on “Chili Cookoff

  1. Sounds like a fun day. I’ve been craving chili lately so I guess I should get busy and make some. As far as the surgery there are positives and negatives. I lost about 120 total but have gained some back. No idea how much as I’m just going with how my clothes fit. I feel better than I did before surgery but to some extent feel like a failure for not losing as much as I had hoped for and for gaining some back. Obviously I still have plenty of work left on the things my head tells me.

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