Fanny the Mitten Kitten and Harriet the one with the Dark Past

This is Fanny. Do you notice anything unique about her?
Fanny the Hemingingway Cat

Look at her feet:
Mitten Kitten

She is part of a litter brought to my mother to raise on the farm. She is what is known as a Hemingway Cat or a Mitten Kitten or a polydactyl (many toes) cat. I’d heard of these cats before but never seen one in real life. The whole litter is very gentle with a sweet, quiet nature. Her brother, Paddles, has really pronounced “mittens” but he wouldn’t cooperate during the photo shoot, today.
Fanny's Mittens

This is my favorite of Fanny because it shows how curious she is and shows my mother’s art supplies in the background.
282/365 Fanny Is Curious

281/365 And this is my cat, Harriet. Well, her name is really Midnight but she prefers to be called Harriet.

She showed up in the barn with a short tail and distrust for everyone. She would only come down if a human called her and then only to be scratched a tiny bit before retreating to a high shelf. Something in her eyes told me she was a good cat that had been treated badly. So one day, I took her home to be Razzle’s kitty. We had both been missing Spot terribly since she ran away this summer and I thought maybe we needed a little distraction.

It has taken some time and patience. She and Razzle don’t always get along. She still doesn’t trust all the way and although her time limit on cuddling is getting longer, she is still likely to bolt when she’s had enough. While laps and hands can be a little too much for her, she likes to give foot massages and has a loud, comforting purr. Also, I don’t know what happened to this poor kitty in her past life, but if you touch her tail she will try to kill you. So we don’t touch her tail.

281/365 Harriet

2 comments on “Fanny the Mitten Kitten and Harriet the one with the Dark Past

  1. My niece told me a story about a polydactic cat picking up grapes and looking at them. She said it was cool/freaky because the action seemed so human when the cat did it. Harriet is beautiful and I’m glad you give her her space.

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