Well, it’s been over 365 days since I started, almost two months over and yet I’m only on number 286 of my second 365 Photo Project. I said at the beginning it was the “no pressure” method. If I see something interesting I take a picture, if I don’t, I don’t and I edit and publish when I have time. This time my friends are not doing their own photo projects with me so it’s been more difficult doing it on my own.

But I now realize I still have 80 more pictures to take so it’s time to get moving and bring this to a close. I don’t really need to finish but I want to. It’s an important way to document this year of life without my sons and without looking toward the next ttc strategy and a lot of other “nexts” it seems. I’m going to start carrying my camera with me again, maybe that will help.

283/365 Full Moon
283/365 Full Moon

284/365 Moment at my brother’s home. I’ve been taking Dollface to tutoring twice a week and this is the cozy scene when I leave from bringing her home.
284/365 Evening Moment

Daughter and Father

285/365 Dollface’s Halloween loot
285/365 Halloween Loot

286/365 RK The Couselor’s waiting room. She won’t allow me to take a picture of her, she actually said, “yech” or something a long time ago when I asked, which is surprising because she’s always banging the “love yourself” drum.
286/365 Waiting Room


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