288/365 Sausage Supper Carry Out

I love this tradition.  Going all the way back to the stories from long ago when they would actually butcher the hog and make the sausage in the church parking lot.  In my youth, I got in on a few of these as a Youth Group member and would help serve those who ate in the church basement.  I must have spooned out a million bowls of applesauce and poured a million cups of coffee. Every year the same people in charge of the same things, Merle and Bill A. in charge of potatoes, My grandma and great aunt in charge of gravy, my dad helping to cook the sausage in the parsonage garage and so on.

My grandparents would make the rounds to a different church’s sausage supper every few weeks all fall and winter.  You could be sure of getting a good meal and a visit with all your neighbors in whichever church basement, community room or gym was hosting that day. As my former church grew smaller and smaller, we had to stop our sausage supper and over the years my family only sporadically partook of these country fund raisers at other churches.

At the beginning of my teaching career at a Parochial School, I loved the fall excitement as the school and church geared up for their Supper weekend.  Making sure everything was shipshape and decorated. This church took pride in being the last one in the area to still serve homemade mashed potatoes and it was cool to see all the ladies sitting in the school basement, peeling potatoes the day or two before.  They would just chat away while the peelings flew onto newspaper in the middle of their circle.

After my grandpa died, my aunt would ask me to bring Grandma to her house once a year for their church’s sausage supper carry outs and I always looked forward to that.  It was a disappointing realization when we rolled through the fall the year she passed away and I didn’t receive that invite.  And then, after the horrific incident with my former “pastor”, I didn’t dare set foot  at two suppers most local to me for fear of seeing his face.  So it’s been a few years but today I got a carry out supper and really savored it.  It is so sentimental and not to mention…delicious and a bargain…all this for only $9.


288/365 Sausage Supper Carry Out


One comment on “288/365 Sausage Supper Carry Out

  1. They used to have teas in the church basements here complete with penny auctions. I’m not sure if they still do or not. I think I could enjoy this sausage supper thing though. Looks delish.

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