Revival Revisited

My church had a “Revival Revisited” this week. I’ve never been to a real revival and this seemed like it was just church three times in 36 hours. I wouldn’t have gone but Em wanted to go and of course I wanted to support Pastor J. I can’t say that I had a real “come to Jesus” moment but I did go to the alter with Em to pray the first night and it was meaningful when PJ laid her hands on my shoulders and asked for God’s Grace to pour into me. The second night I went up with both EM and PS, the cousin who taught the painting class. PS grabbed my hand and when PJ came I grabbed her hand too. She knows I’ve been struggling with a direction for my life lately and she asked that the Lord help me “see”.  Overall, it was an experience loaded with good energy.
289/365 Church Window

I like that this one shows a glimpse of the American flag in the background.
Side Windows


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