First Grade Aquarium Field Trip

292/365 The door I enter every morning when I get to school.
293/365 My 5 Door

293/365 I went to a local museum with the first graders at my school yesterday. Part of it is an aquarium. Those kids had so many great experiences. They got to touch animals like this old turtle as well as snakes, stingrays, a starfish and a lizard. There were several parrots and cockatoos there. When one cockatoo was asked “Are you a bird?”, she would shriek, “I”m a chicken!” The kids got to go in a tube that goes under the big tank and see what it’s like to be close to the animals in the water.  Our guide complimented our students over and over on their good listening and manners. It will never cease to amaze me how even children who have the rudest behavior problems will be so angelic when out in the world. I wish we could give our students more experiences like this.
294/365 Old Turtle

Petting Turtle

Looking at a Starfish

Today was also my brother’s 41st Birthday.  We celebrated by going to a local steak house.  The waitress got wind that it was his birthday and brought over the “birthday saddle”.  E, of course, refused to get on it.  Good time with family anyway.


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