Around The Neighborhood

295/365 Share the Road
There are 4 of these signs in our county. Doesn’t seem like it would be but it was kind of a big deal to get them. Farm Bureau or FFA had to petition the state.  I’m lucky enough to live in the middle of three of them. The guy’s hat seems weird to me.
295/365 Share the Road

296/365 Trail Rated
I get a little razzing about this symbol on my jeep. Like, “Oh Paige, you’re ‘trail rated’! Go down in that ravine and haul out that piece of farm equipment that got stuck in the mud. Ha ha ha”.  I thought it looked pretty in the sun.
296/365 Trail Rated

297/365 Sign near my home. You can see my cousin’s farm on the horizon under the Jerusalem sign and my parent’s place is under the right corner of the arrow. My house is in between but you can’t really see it here.
297/365 Jerusalem Either Way

298/365 Neighbor’s House
We’re not too sure what happened here. In my childhood, Mr. H lived there. He was very elderly but he took care of the place. When he and his wife both passed away, their only daughter and grandson having died years before in a car accident, the wife’s nephew moved in. It’s gone down hill ever since. We very rarely see him. When he first moved in the lawn would be mowed at least a few times a year but I don’t think it was mowed at all this past summer. I’d love to buy this property and rehab it or build new.
298/365 Neighbor's House

Neighbor's House - Side

299/365 Golden Ground
I thought the neighbor’s plowed field looked pretty in the evening light.
299/365 Golden Ground

300/365 I took care of my friend’s cat while she was away over the summer. Look what that kind gals made for me as a thank you gift. I can’t express how wonderful it makes me feel to know people love and remember them all. I’m embarrassed it took me all these months to hang it.  I think the wall color looks nice showing through the window.
300/365 Too Beautiful for Earth

65 to go.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish this project.  I’m losing the spirit for it and it shows in the quality of my photos.  I mean 299 is a photo of dirt, for crying out loud!  Wonder if I should or can quit?


2 comments on “Around The Neighborhood

  1. Lol! I love your last paragraph. I also really like the first pictures of the house. In the past I’ve wished I could buy something like that too. Surprising though that someone lives there.

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